The paroli system in sports betting

Online gamblers in general and punters in particular are trying to find a system that will help them win consistently and stay profitable on the long run. Most of those who bet on sports are focusing exclusively on finding those wagers that have a better chance to result in significant and sustainable profits.

Equally important is to have a portfolio management technique, or a bankroll management strategy and Paroli does exactly that for savvy players.

What is the Paroli system?

Paroli is a simple technique that can be used by anyone who bets on sports but also online casino players who want to properly manage their bankroll. It limits them to bet only the profits made, in an attempt of mitigating the risks and acts as a ward against downswings. By simply wagering the profits, you are not exposing yourself to great variance and the strategy is easy to follow regardless of bankroll.

The best case scenario, is to start making profit from the very beginning, as this will allow you to keep your bankroll intact and still be active. Losing the first bet is a distinct possibility and that’s why it is essential to choose the first wager correctly and also find a manageable stake. Assuming you lose the initial wager, you will need to start from scratch and place another bet, hopefully a more successful one.

Proper use of the Paroli system

Choosing the first bet is the most important step, because depending on its outcome, you will have profits to wager or you have to start from scratch. The profits can be fully invested, which means that regardless of how little you win after the initial wager, you can put all the money at work on a new game. This is the standard version of the Paroli system and the same rules can be used for playing roulette, blackjack or other casino games.

Risk-averse players will appreciate this bankroll management technique, although there are some who choose to play even safer. Assuming the bankroll is sizable and the first wager generates significant profits, players can put another safety net in place and secure a percentage of their profits. For example, the only wager 75% of the gains resulting from winning the first bet, while depositing the remaining 25%. By doing so, they insure the fact that the bankroll is steadily growing and will have additional funds to wager when the winning streak comes to an end.