Prepare for the £15k March Madness at Foxy Bingo

It is time to spend some quality time playing bingo from the comfort of your home and Foxy Bingo raises the stakes by unveiling the £15k March Madness. The name is self-explanatory and those who play this game on a daily basis are the ones that have the best chance of collecting a sizable amount. The minimum amount that makes them eligible for a bonus is of only $.50, so this is all that they need to commit in order to be eligible for one of the top five prizes.

foxy-bingoA full house winner will receive a staggering amount of £8,000 but even those who failed to make the best paying combinations will not go home empty-handed. There are plenty of prizes aimed at the runners-up and they are more than a consolation amount, so even if you have to settle for one of these bonuses, your bankroll will be significantly boosted. The promotion has already started and will conclude on March 29, so there are more than two weeks left and players can join the fun whenever they like.

There are five different chances to win the prize and the first one is the most generous at £8,000, with the second player having to settle for half while the one in the third-place will receive a quarter. The next two down the pipe will collect a three digit amount, which is still more than 1000 time the buy in, so the return on investment is extraordinary. The £15,000 jackpot game will take place on Sunday 29 at 21:30 and players are supposed to have a real money account to participate.

Each ticket costs $.50 and they can be acquired many days prior to the tournament, with players receiving an additional one for every purchase they make. The full house will be the one that will trigger the top prize, while the second best scenario is to make two lines and the one in third is the player who makes one line. There is no need to get in touch with the customer support and claim the bonus, because all those who are eligible will receive the amount at the end of the game. The prizes are offered automatically and will be split among those who have winning tickets based on their performance in the tournament.

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