£10k up for grabs at Foxy Bingo each day

Bingo games are increasingly popular casino online, as most of those who made the transition from land-based games are attracted by juicy bonuses and promotions.

Foxy Bingo celebrates the social nature of the game and runs a couple of tournaments that present customers with the impetus to interact on multiple levels.

Since there is no better incentive to do this than by competing for a lot of money, the online bingo room is ready to raise the antes by throwing a five digit amount into the mix.


The prospect of competing for €10,000 is surely going to appeal to a broad audience, especially when the rules are straightforward and there are no strings attached.

There are several bingo rooms to explore here, but the one that players should be focusing on over the next couple of days goes by the name of Good Ship Foxy.

The reason for why this place is special has to do with the fact that only the games online running here qualify for the tournament, and they are all 90 ball special games.

Another thing that makes this campaign special is that unlike conventional tournaments in which players win the maximum bonus by making a full house, here a single line is enough to take down the price. This is an interesting and profoundly original approach, which has the advantage of revealing the biggest winners in the first stage of the tournament.

The concept has already gained a lot of traction and as the campaign advances, it is only natural to assume that more players will jump on the bandwagon.


There are a couple of milestones that participants will have to meet, as each tournament starts on Monday and will come to an end on the next Sunday. It starts all over again and Foxy Bingo is yet to announce the deadline for this promotion, but there is no point in waiting for this announcement.

Sooner rather than later, the guaranteed prize pool will be extinguished and by this time, many players would have already consolidated their bankroll by a significant percentage.

The buy in for the tournament consists of just a few cents and you don’t even need access to a lot of money to have the same chance as veterans. The outcome of the game is decided exclusively by law, so experience is not factored in, which should mean a great deal for beginners.

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