Driver Slot Machine to hit Euroslots Casino next spring

Euroslots Casino invites players to dwell on the moment, but at the same time lets them know in advance euroslotslogoabout the new releases.

2015 has been a great year for fans of the genre, but there are good reasons to be optimistic about what 2016 will bring.

A couple of games were already announced for early January and among the ones that generated more enthusiasm, it is worth mentioning Driver slot.

Very little information has transpired about this game, but the developers promise it to be a true innovator and the first of its kind. The game will appeal to those who enjoy the modern five reel versions, as opposed to the classics which only have three reels.


The latter brilliantly succeed at capturing the very fragrance of the video slots industry, but in return offer fewer winning combinations.

The newly released Driver slot, will capitalize on the technology advances made by slot machines in 2015. A couple of features that were celebrated by both the players and the commentators are very likely to find their way to this new game.

What usually happens is that online casinos are allowing players to take a glimpse at what awaits around the corner, by unveiling a trailer in the days preceding the release.

For the time being, we only know that the game is going to be available at Euroslots Casino in the final week of February. The most likely release date is February 23, so there is plenty of time to wait and meanwhile players should focus on the existing titles. It is only fair to assume that as release date draws near, more formation will surface about the game.

Speculations have been made about the nature of this video slot and just as the name indicates, Driver is very likely to revolve around the racing arena. Cards are expected to populate the reels and players will be probably racing to profits, a tempting proposition to say the least.

If past performance can serve as a reliable indicator, we can also assume that the game will be available not only on desktop computers but also on all sorts of mobile devices.