Multiple Ways to spend CasinoEuro loyalty points

CasinoEuro is one of the places where veteran customers don’t feel at a disadvantage when comparing the logo-casinoeurobonuses available to them to those offered to newcomers.

Obviously, the online gambling operator is still concerned about attracting new players and is very generous when it comes to welcome bonuses and introductory offers in general.

At the same time, it pays attention to its existing members and has an excellent strategy for improving customer retention.

Netent Casinos have the advantage of being a part of a group that projects a lot of confidence upon new members.

Once players have an account with any of these operators, they have few reasons to look elsewhere for gambling alternatives. The generosity of ongoing promotions is another reason for why they stick around for so long and CasinoEuro has quite a bunch of such offers.

The loyalty scheme was always at the cornerstone of their success, but the new version is even more exciting for veterans.

It still revolves around the famous comp points, but they are accumulated faster than ever before and can be converted at better rates. In addition to turning them into cash and unlocking free spins, players can now use them to purchase branded merchandise from the gift shop.

The more time and resources players spend online, the more points they will accumulate and this will result in better rewards. The traditional way of playing slot machines, video pokers and table games goes hand-in-hand with mobile gambling and no differences are made between fans of both genres.

Those who are eligible for bonuses of any sort as well as players who are about to join the VIP club are notified via email this is common practice across all Netent Casinos, so players never miss out on opportunities.

CasinoEuro stands out from the crowd and has its very own gift shop, where players can browse at leisure and also purchase stuff for their friends. This definitely helps with customer retention and all months the refer a friend programs, which are already very popular here.

Since players receive cash for bringing in new members, while the ones who sign up for an account also cash in on juicy paychecks, the wheels are set in motion to broaden the customer base.
Points are accumulated easily these days, with players earning that even for signing up to their online account, very find their email address and phone number.

This means that more points can be earned on a daily basis with minimal effort and the risks taken, since you don’t even need to bet real money. Once you have enough of them, you can turn them into cash or purchase poker team T-shirts, and other memorabilia that is available in the gift shop.

It is entirely up to the players to have the products shipped to their address or send to their friends, with no cost whatsoever. Players who have attain VIP status will also enjoy unrestricted access to special tournaments and promotions of different types.