32RedCasino to add pioneering VR slot

32RedCasino has so many slot machines that new and existing members have a hard time playing logo-32redthem all.

It goes without saying that the odds of getting bored playing slots here are slim to none even for those who have a lot of experience with the genre.

Ultimately, the time spent online will pay off generously, with or without signing up for promotions. Slot machine enthusiasts are already the main beneficiaries of generous programs and their online experience is about to get a whole lot better.

The leading online casino has teamed up with NetEnt, a leading provider of digital casino solutions to offer the latest titles. Some of them use the celebrated virtual reality technology to deliver a more immersive gaming experience. For the time being only a couple of games will be available to play in this format, but many more are expected to be added by the end of 2017. Gonzo’s Quest is going to pioneer the industry, which is only suitable even the popularity of this game.


NetEnt has high expectations with this technology, which has already proven its usefulness in the realm of video games. Developers are using VR to get players inside the virtual world they created and they are extremely successful at doing so. For casino games, the advantages are self evident especially for those who enjoy live dealer action. Other players will have to find solace in the visual delights and the sounds made by slot machines whose reels feel like spinning next to you.

The Scandinavian software developer tracks technology advancement and tries to make the most of every new breakthrough. A lot of time and resources were spent in creating the Gonzo’s Quest VR game, a very important addition to the multichannel offering there are so proud of. If the game proves as successful as expected, many new slot machines will be weeks to run in this format. Only time will tell which titles will benefit from this makeover, but the list will only grow.

32Redcasino players already had the chance to catch a glimpse at the new VR slot machine at the ICE Totally Gaming. This important conventional took place in London in mid-February and the virtual reality version of Gonzo’s Quest drew large crowds.